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Relocating can be exciting: a new community, new friends, new schools, new stores and services, and recreation possibilities. But it can all be a little overwhelming, too.


Whether you're moving into Sentry Country or moving away to another region altogether, Sentry makes it easier for you to manage the logistical challenges of relocating.


Sentry can help you learn more about the communities you're considering, including such critical information as cost-of-living comparisons and the performance of the public schools. We can help you search out houses that meet your personal criteria anywhere in the country, and countries around the world. (And, of course, we can help you sell your current home, even if you've had to leave the area already to take that new job or assume a family responsibility elsewhere).


Please contact our Relocation Coordinator, Amber Hany, at 860-871-2775 today to learn more.